First Drive: 2012 Saab 9-4X

A bumpy gestation
The 9-4X is a five-seat crossover — Saab’s first — and a sister car to the Cadillac SRX. The two were developed together back in the days when Saab was a member of General Motors’ (much larger) family. But just when the 9-4X was about to launch (as a 2009 model, like the SRX), the General, as you may have heard, hit some rocky financial shoals. While the SRX proceeded to market, the 9-4X was put on ice and Saab was put on the block. A newly independent Saab is now finally ready to roll out its crossover SUV.

Breaking up is hard to do
Saab may be emancipated from General Motors, but the companies aren’t completely free of each other, and that’s particularly true than in the case of the 9-4X. The 9-4X is being built alongside the SRX at a GM

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