Cars with Unexpected Tow Ratings

Many drivers assume that if you want to tow something, you need a giant truck with a beefy V-8 engine. That may be true if you’re transporting a trailer full of race cars, but many smaller vehicles are perfectly adequate for moving light to medium loads. Vehicles in nearly every class come from the factory with tow ratings: minivans, compact crossovers, full-size sedans, and even luxury SUVs.

Still, there are some vehicles that don’t seem particularly well suited to towing: would you ever haul a trailer with your luxury sedan, your economy car, or your convertible? We found that numerous automakers have bestowed tow ratings on vehicles that we wouldn’t expect anyone to use for trailering. Of course, SUV and truck owners may laugh at the notion of 1000 to 2000 pound tow ratings. While low, those ratings mean the cars listed here could easily pull a small utility trailer,

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