2018 Lexus RX 350L Review: new three-row version of popular crossover

PORTLAND, Ore.Why on Earth does Lexus still make the Jurassic GX 460? It’s old, inefficient, body-on-frame and completely atypical of the rest of the three-row luxury segment. Well, the answer lies in that segment descriptor: three rows. People want them, yet Lexus didn’t offer anything else between the two-row RX and the $85,000, Land Cruiser-based LX 570.

Despite this lineup gap lasting for two decades, Lexus decided to finally attempt filling it with a seemingly quick-and-dirty solution: Lengthen the RX 350, shoehorn in a third row, add an L to the name, wipe hands together, call it a day. The resulting 2018 Lexus RX 350L does indeed have a third row of seats and is generally a far superior vehicle to the GX. It’s better to drive, massively more efficient, and its beautiful interior is up to the current Lexus

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