2010 Cadillac CTS Wagon Premium

After the demise of the Dodge Magnum, it’s refreshing to have a wagon offering from a domestic manufacturer. It’s likely that the CTS wagon will find very few takers — if the slow-selling Magnum and the now-redesigned wagon-like first generation Cadillac SRX are any indication — but in my opinion, this CTS wagon looks great and is hard evidence that Cadillac is willing to take chances to regain its world class status.

The interior has some shortcomings, though. The nav graphics could use an update but I really like the retractable screen for its space saving benefits. To me, the flat, unsupportive seats are the biggest interior flaw. They have no side bolstering and the bottom seat cushion is hard and too short to provide much thigh support.

I thought the ability to adjust the extension of the hatch door was a bit gimmicky until

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