First Drive: 2010 Cadillac SRX 2.8T

In October, Cadillac will introduce its first turbocharged engine, joining the dozen or so boosted four-, six-, and eight-cylinder gas and diesel engines already energizing the crossover category.


With the flamboyant Art Science themed exterior and stunning 20-inch wheels hogging all the attention, who will notice the 2.8T badge quietly added to the tailgate? Probably no one other than Lexus executives who now have a 300-horsepower competitor to fret over. Like a CTS on growth hormones, the rad-Cad SRX brings in-your-face styling to a segment famous for conservative dress. Cadillac believes that customers are ready for something more creatively contemporary. If so, SRX could elbow a few BMWs and Benzs aside to take a serious shot at the other X-model (Lexus RX) that has dominated this category since its inception more than a decade ago.


The center

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