$1 million buys this 1964 Volkswagen Beetle – Autoblog

What does it take for an old Beetle to be worth millions? Sometimes the currency helps, as the oldest VW Beetle in Sweden, a 1948 “Type 1” recently sold for 1,350,000 SEK. That’s still only about $150,000, falling far from the million-dollar mark. But, there’s a black Beetle for sale in Portland, Oregon, with the asking price of a cool $1 million.

The Oregon Beetle is far newer than the Swedish car, as it was built in 1964. The unique thing is that it has only 23 miles on the odometer and remains absolutely original in every respect. With a car like this, there has to be a backstory, and this one is worth hearing: A mechanic and car collector by the name of Rudy Zvarich simply bought the car to act as a spare car, if his 1957 daily driver Beetle would

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