Cadillac XT4 crossover to be built in Kansas City – Autoblog

Cadillac‘s upcoming XT4, a crossover we’ve previously known as the XT3 in a long series of spy shots of heavily camouflaged mules, will be built at General Motors’ assembly plant in Kansas City on the same platform as the Chevrolet Malibu, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the plan.

That will give Cadillac another entry in the red-hot luxury crossover segment and, GM hopes, help to reverse a sales slump in the U.S. It’ll also breath life into the Kansas City plant that makes the slow-selling Malibu, where GM cut a third shift last year, by sharing the assembly line between the crossover and sedan and defraying costs for each vehicle.

The XT4 was known most recently as the XT3, with styling cues based on the Escala concept sedan from 2016. It’s slightly smaller than the XT5, Cadillac’s top-selling vehicle, and will also augment

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How to sell your used car | 4 basic steps – Autoblog

Need to sell your used car, but feeling overwhelmed by the idea? Try breaking it down into these four basic steps, and it won’t seem so complicated.

Step 1: Prep. Get your paperwork in order, making sure you have the title, bill of sale, and a small check if necessary in your state. Clean your car inside and out. This is a simple thing that can make a huge difference in sale price. Take great pictures. Remember, you’re competing against all the other cars for sale out there. Take photos of the outside from a few angles and some clear shots of the inside. Make sure they’re not blurry, too dark, or too light.

Step 2: Price. Use online resources to figure out the fair market value of your car. Enter your vehicle’s information and take into account any repairs that are needed. Now you know how much

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Junkyard Gem: 1976 Cadillac Seville – Autoblog

Cadillac was the premium brand for most North Americans as the 1970s dawned, with very strong sales and an ironclad reputation for quality. Then gas got expensive, marketing took precedence over engineering across Detroit, sales of smaller European luxury cars grew, and the Cadillac Division decided to create a smaller car, based on the compact Chevrolet Nova and powered by an Oldsmobile V8. Thus was the Seville born, and the damage it did to Cadillac prestige took decades to undo. Here’s a first-model-year Seville in a San Francisco Bay Area wrecking yard.

The 1976 Seville cost plenty, more than any Cadillac model except for the Fleetwood Seventy-Five. Its $12,479 price tag (about $56,500 in 2018 dollars) was fully triple that of the top-of-the-line Chevy Nova: $4,134 for a Nova Concours

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Cadillac Escalade gets $5,000 discount to ward off Lincoln Navigator – Autoblog

General Motors apparently isn’t going to let early good reception for the redesigned Lincoln Navigator steal thunder from its own luxury SUV without a fight. It’s offering a $5,000 discount on the purchase or lease of the Cadillac Escalade this month to any buyer who trades in a 1999 or newer Lincoln model, Bloomberg reports.

GM spokesman Jim Cain told Bloomberg the incentive is being offered to keep prices competitive for the Escalade. The 2018 Navigator starts at $72,055, compared to $73,995 for the Escalade, but the outgoing version of the Navigator is selling for an average of around $53,000, compared with more than $80,000 on average for the Escalade, he said.

The Escalade was the top-selling domestic luxury SUV in October and No. 4 in the segment, according to Motor Intelligence. It far outsold the Navigator, which last saw a refresh in 2015 and a full redesign

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Cadillac moving back to Detroit after four years in New York City – Autoblog

After four years in New York City, The Wall Street Journal reports that Cadillac is moving its headquarters back to Detroit. This comes about four months after former head Johan de Nysschen was ousted from the automaker for a variety of reasons, including slumping sales and a product line not in concert with consumer tastes. It’s also months after a Cadillac spokesperson told The Detroit Free Press that “It’s 100 percent that we’re staying [in New York City], that was never a question.”

Let’s be clear about this, the move to New York was not Cadillac’s biggest issue. As contributing editor James Riswick reminded us this morning, “the decision to sell three similarly sized large sedans, a variety of obsessive BMW-fighting cars, and only one crossover was not done while they were in New York.” That was all planned years ago, before de Nysschen ever

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Six ‘shut up and take my money’ cars – Autoblog

Any time you see this iconic moment in pop culture – Shut up and take my money! – posted in response to a new car reveal, rumor for an upcoming model or even lip-service to a vehicle that should exist, you can bet there’s some intrinsic good in the idea. Though depending on the person offering up the cash, that good could take the form of extraordinary form, functionality, weight savings, power, handling, etc. You get the idea.

In fact, when I first proposed this list, I reached out to the Autoblog staff to help me brainstorm. Here are some of the ideas they offered up that I ultimately didn’t use: Jaguar XE Coupe, Pagani Huayra Roadster, Mercedes-Benz S-Class “parade car” (cabriolet), Morgan 3-Wheeler with Ducati V-twin, Ford Transit Connectamino (pickup), Mercedes CLA63 AMG, ... read more at:

Cadillac chief marketer admits ELR is ‘a big disappointment’ – Autoblog

During the Cadillac XT5 global launch in Dubai, Automobile interviewed Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus and got the CMO to touch on just about every major issue affecting the brand and the industry. After two years on the job, having come from 15 years at BMW, Ellinghaus naturally started with the “passionate Cadillac customers” and “iconic brand” spiel, then they got into a top-down look at where America’s preeminent luxury brand stands.

Ellinghaus said Cadillac is in a period of transition, lately focused on smaller and more performance-oriented vehicles, which has alienated a chunk of veteran customers and left others trying to figure out what Cadillac is about. He believes that “for a few more years, the products will probably be stronger than the brand,” while he does his work of conveying what the company has to offer. But the brand had to make

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GM recalling 8.4M cars, 8.2M related to ignition problems [UPDATE] – Autoblog

GM Announces Six Safety Recalls

DETROIT – General Motors announced today it will conduct six new safety recalls in the United States involving about 7.6 million vehicles from the 1997 to 2014 model years.

“We undertook what I believe is the most comprehensive safety review in the history of our company because nothing is more important than the safety of our customers,” said GM CEO Mary Barra. “Our customers deserve more than we delivered in these vehicles. That has hardened my resolve to set a new industry standard for vehicle safety, quality and excellence.”

Among these recalled vehicles, GM is aware of seven crashes, eight injuries and three fatalities. The fatal crashes occurred in older model full-size sedans being recalled for inadvertent ignition key rotation. There is no conclusive evidence that the defect condition caused those crashes.

“We have worked aggressively to identify and address the major outstanding issues that could impact the safety

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Cadillac adding vibrating Safety Seat Alert to full suite of safety tech [w/video] – Autoblog

Technology on XTS, ATS Can Help Avoid Crashes

Control and alert strategy assists drivers and can take action if needed

DETROIT – Cadillac will introduce a network of cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors on the all-new 2013 XTS and ATS luxury sedans designed to help drivers avoid crashes by improving their vision and awareness of road hazards, even braking automatically if sensors predict the vehicle is at risk of crashing.

“New technology in the XTS and ATS is intended to extend the vision around the car to help drivers identify obstacles. When necessary, the vehicle may take action to help them avoid a collision,” said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac Marketing. “Cadillac expands its lineup dramatically in 2013, and these technologies are an important component.”

The Driver Awareness Package, available for the launch of the XTS this spring and ATS this summer, and Driver Assist Package, available on XTS and ATS this fall,

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Corvette Racing Releases Hype Video Ahead Of 2018 24 Hours Of Le Mans

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