How to find the right vehicle if you?re really tall or have long legs – Autoblog

Don’t be the guy in the image above. If you’re just plain tall, or have really long legs, we feel your pain – and you should be driving a car that fits you right. A few Autoblog editors fall into the long camp, and despite vehicles designed for Americans generally being generous with interior room, it’s not always easy to find a car that’ll work without contortion. No one wants their knees digging into the underside of the dash just to reach the wheel, or their head brushing the headliner all the time.

We can save you some time by helping you eliminate cars, trucks, and crossovers that aren’t friendly for the long-of-frame folks like yourself, but there’s no getting around the fact that you need to spend some real time in the vehicle you’re interested in to know for sure. Adjust things to match the way you usually

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Police catch overloaded car with piano on a bike rack ? on the Autobahn – Autoblog

Overloaded cars get caught regularly by traffic police — there’s just so much you can cram inside a car or attach on top of it safely, especially if you’ve misjudged the carrying capability of your car during a trip to IKEA.

This Mercedes-Benz wagon, which was pulled over on the Autobahn near Stuttgart on Saturday morning, was pretty easy for police to notice: Not only did the roof rack have several sets of tires and some bicycles on it, making the Benz quite a tall ride, but it also had a bike rack mounted on the tow bar, and on that bike rack teetered a piano. Topping it off was an office chair, as we can see from the photo released by the police and reported by the newspaper Die Welt.

The police put the S202-generation Benz on a scale, and the result was telling: the car was overloaded by

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Baby Jeep to join Renegade in FCA’s plan for new Italian-built models – Autoblog

FCA is boosting its European production, introducing new models that will be built in currently under-utilized manufacturing facilities. Among the new models is a new small Jeep, smaller than the current Renegade, as Automotive News reports.

FCA’s Mike Manley mentioned the entry-level Jeep model earlier this year, also saying that the vehicle is targeted to European and possibly Latin American customers; in the summer, Autocar placed the launch date in 2022. The new “baby” Jeep would be made in the same factory in Pomigliano, Italy, as the small Fiat Panda, which is a top seller in Italy. The current generation Panda was introduced in 2011; if it gets a replacement in 2022, it could possibly share a platform with the Jeep model — or, the Jeep could be an eventual outright replacement for the Panda. One of Fiat’s earlier

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2019 Kia K900 First Drive Review

The Kia K900 has been an afterthought in the luxury market almost since it was launched about 4 years ago. Or maybe a never-thought. Through September of this year, Kia sold just 260 examples, which was about 90 fewer than the same time last year. And with sales like that, most of us figured Kia would just let the model quietly disappear into the ether, especially with the launch of the new Genesis luxury brand, and Kia’s new halo, the Stinger. Considering the car’s yacht-like demeanor and forgettable looks, we wouldn’t have missed it. Yet Kia is determined to keep the K900 alive in America, and has introduced a completely redesigned model. Perhaps even more surprising than the fact that the model is back, is that it’s actually quite good. Think of it as a bigger, more plush

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BMW considers ordering hybrids to run electric only in polluted cities – Autoblog

LOS ANGELES — BMW said it can force its hybrid cars switch to an electric-only mode in heavily polluted inner-city areas, helping its vehicles compete with pure battery-driven rivals as a raft of cities seek to create emissions-free zones.

“The car switches off the combustion engine automatically,” BMW’s board member for development, Klaus Froehlich, told Reuters at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Because of BMW vehicles’ connectivity and navigation systems, its cars can be converted to automatically disable engines, Froehlich said, adding that the new X5 sports utility vehicle has an operating range of 80 kilometers in electric-only mode.

BMW is currently demonstrating the technology to local authorities in German cities which may be forced to ban heavily polluting diesel cars as a way to meet European Union clean air rules.

A global clampdown on vehicle pollution in the wake of Volkswagen’s 2015 diesel emissions cheating scandal has prompted cities including London, Paris and

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Michigan classic car collection sold at auction for more than $300,000

An auction company in Michigan has sold a collection of classic cars for more than $300,000 after being tipped off to the location.

Repocast, a ‘recovery and sales division’ of Miedema Asset Management Group, was given the keys to the cars by a family looking to off-load their father’s collection, which had gone untouched for as many as 30 years.

Scott Miedma and a pit crew of colleagues hit the road for Grand Rapids earlier this year to meet the family, who after a quick feeling-out session at a Denny’s fast food store, let them kick the tires

Inside the family’s garage were more than 40 cars collected over the past 50 years or so, including a fleet of 28 Ford Thunderbirds from the late 1950s to the 1976 ‘big bird’ model.

Many of the cars were in

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Elon Musk hints at Tesla ‘mini-car’ for adults – Autoblog

Another day, another head-scratching Elon Musk tweet. No, we’re not talking about the Hitler one. This one actually has our curiosity piqued:

For context, Samson Mow, the chief strategy officer of blockchain tech company Blockstream, is referring to a possible ride-on version of the Model X SUV for kids. Radio Flyer produced the youngster-scale Model S, which has been used as a prize as part of Tesla’s referral program in the past.

Musk, though, says Tesla is working on a “mini-car” that will fit an adult. He doesn’t offer any other details, so let the speculation begin.

Usually, when musk says he’s going to offer something, he offers it (or something close), whether it’s a Boring

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Even if GM does close all 5 of those plants, it’ll still have too many – Autoblog

DETROIT — General Motors’ monumental announcement on Monday that it will close three car assembly plants and two powertrain plants in North America and slash its workforce will only partially close the gap between capacity and demand for the automaker’s sedans, according to a Reuters analysis of industry production and capacity data.

Sales of traditional passenger cars in North America have been declining for the past six years and are still withering. After GM ends production next year at factories in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario, it will still have four U.S. passenger-car plants — all operating at less than 50 percent of rated capacity, according to figures supplied by LMC Automotive.

In comparison, Detroit-based rivals Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will have one car plant each in North America after 2019.

The Detroit Three are facing rapidly dwindling demand for traditional passenger cars from U.S. consumers, many of whom have shifted to crossovers

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Bloodhound SSC land speed record team needs money, lots of it – Autoblog

The team behind the Bloodhound SSC land speed record car has run into yet another financial roadblock in its over-10-year project. The company, Bloodhound Programme Ltd., announced that it has gone into administration — meaning, outside administrators have taken control — because it has run out of money to pay its debts. As such, the company is seeking investment to finish paying off debts and completing the project. The total needed: 25 million pounds, or $32.9 million at current exchange rates.

One of the two administrators handling Bloodhound’s financial issues noted that the company is in talks with some potential investors. The other one noted that the total investment cost is less than funding a last-place Formula 1 team. Presumably the idea is that instead of tying a company name to a losing racing team, you could tie it to a vehicle that will be noteworthy now

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2019 Lincoln Nautilus vs Cadillac XT5 Comparison: Specs and Photos

There will no doubt be endless ads touting the “first-ever” 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, which is accurate, but it’s really just a mid-cycle update of an existing midsize luxury SUV attached to a greatly welcomed name change. Frankly, Lincoln could’ve called it the Diamond Jubilee Bill Blass and it would’ve been an improvement. Whatever. The MKX is dead. Long live the Nautilus.

Now, speaking of SUVs with silly alphanumeric names, the 2018 Cadillac XT5 lines up remarkably well with the 2018 MKX. Besides hailing from American luxury brands, they have virtually identical exterior dimensions and similar standard engines as well. Cross-shopping seems assured.

But what does the change to the 2019 Nautilus mean for how it compares to the XT5? Cosmetic changes might tweak exterior dimensions by a tenth of an inch here or there, but the interior should remain the

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