This yellow Camaro and other weird/wonderful cars at Mecum Auctions Portland

Mecum Auctions is stopping into Portland, Ore., this weekend (June 22-23), and before I stop by to check out the lots, I figured I’d do some Internet shopping before hand to see what sort weird and wonderful four-wheeled treasures will be on hand … you know, in case my imaginary Uncle Mort dies leaving me $150,000 and clear instructions to spend it on something ridiculous. Oh Uncle Mort, you’ll be missed.

So, here are some of the cars, trucks and others that caught my eye in the Mecum Auction Portland online catalog, which I urge you to thereafter check out and do some shopping yourself. Why not? It’s fun.

This extremely yellow 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 with “rare factory T-Tops” Did you notice that it’s yellow?

This adorable teal 1967 Ford Bronco Sport.

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