ScienceLogic brings AI to IT operations

Dave Link says he founded ScienceLogic because of his belief that after working in IT operations for much of his career he considered the discipline to be broken.

“It was broken very badly because you often had each technology discipline – network, the security vertical, the database vertical, the systems administrator, the storage layer — with its own tool,” the ScienceLogic chief executive told Computerworld.

“What I believed was, operationally, that wasn’t fast enough. Because you really needed to see it all in one place, contextualised in terms of what related to a [particular] service,” the CEO said.

Enterprises’ ops teams are now often faced with an unwieldy mix of cloud services, frequently from multiple providers, and on-premises gear, as well as new application deployment models, such as containers, and a massive growth in data sources.

“When we started the company I wanted to create a

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