One Week With: 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum AWD

I’m belted into the driver’s seat, rolling along Los Angeles’ furiously busy 405 freeway on a Tuesday morning, keeping pace with the surrounding traffic at a slightly extra-legal 70 mph. There is a car within feet of me on either side, another one two car lengths ahead, and a fourth—its driver clearly hyper-caffeinated—so close behind it is apparently trying to park itself inside my trunk. Me? I’ve got both feet flat on the floor, my arms are folded in my lap, and I’m watching all the surging, shuffling madness around me with a strange, newfound sense of serenity. And why wouldn’t I be? After all, the Cadillac I’m sitting in is driving all by itself.

Welcome to the brave new world of Cadillac Super Cruise. Launched last fall on the manufacturer’s up-level CT6 sedan, Super Cruise is Caddy’s new Level 2 semi-autonomous driving feature. A $5,000

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