From London To New York, 19 Cities Commit To Net-Zero Carbon Buildings By 2030

How a segmented and social marketing approach helped this not-for-profit find supporters

It was the death of close friend, Dwayne Lally, by suicide in 2013 that led Casey Lyons and Sam Webb to come together in business. Neither had been aware of the extent of Rally’s battle with depression and bipolar disorder.

“Like many others, the stigma kept him quiet and stopped him for asking for help and reaching out to the service providers that are out there,” Lyons says. “And after his passing, we were shocked by the statistics that surround mental illness and suicide in this country and we knew that we had to do something.”

‘Something’ became LIVIN, a charitable organisation that raises awareness and provides education regarding mental health, to shine a light on a health problem that is the leading cause of death of people aged between 15 and 44.

“So there are plenty of people living with mental

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Automakers discover what they don’t know about transportation

General Motors Co. usually isn’t the place for direct feedback from drivers. Want to purchase a Chevy Malibu or get your Cadillac Escalade fixed? Deal with the local dealer, not the automaker. That’s what makes Maven, GM’s car-sharing app, a warning about learning to please customers.

Consider this one-star review by a user, identified as Jose Z., who complained that the app timed out when he tried to reserve a car: “Nice try GM,” he wrote on Apple Inc.’s iTunes Store, “but you’re trying to play in the wrong field. Stick to big trucks and dealerships, not tech and user experience.”

Other carmakers rushing to embrace this new business model, in which cars are more of a service than a product, have been met with similar complaints: buggy apps that crash or time out, dirty cars that smell like smoke, vehicles that don’t unlock when the driver arrives. Maven, with an average

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Why is Apple’s Airpower still a no-show?

It’s now been a full year since Apple announced it would release its first wireless charger to go along with the first iPhones that could be wirelessly charged.

Expectations were high Apple would use this year’s iPhone event to roll out the AirPower charger, which it said would be released this year. As is typical, pundits have speculated before each Apple news event since then that the company would finally reveal the device; that has yet to happen. Some publications predicted a release this past February; others expected it March.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has been cited by MacRumors as having solid insight into upcoming announcements, wrote that Apple engineers hoped to launch the device by this month.

But at an event that included the announcement of three new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch, that didn’t happen.

Apple did not respond to a

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One Week With: 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum AWD

I’m belted into the driver’s seat, rolling along Los Angeles’ furiously busy 405 freeway on a Tuesday morning, keeping pace with the surrounding traffic at a slightly extra-legal 70 mph. There is a car within feet of me on either side, another one two car lengths ahead, and a fourth—its driver clearly hyper-caffeinated—so close behind it is apparently trying to park itself inside my trunk. Me? I’ve got both feet flat on the floor, my arms are folded in my lap, and I’m watching all the surging, shuffling madness around me with a strange, newfound sense of serenity. And why wouldn’t I be? After all, the Cadillac I’m sitting in is driving all by itself.

Welcome to the brave new world of Cadillac Super Cruise. Launched last fall on the manufacturer’s up-level CT6 sedan, Super Cruise is Caddy’s new Level 2 semi-autonomous driving feature. A $5,000

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Cadillac Makes It Rain for Escalade Customers to Keep Them Away From the Lincoln Navigator

Through the first quarter of this year, the Cadillac Escalade has easily been the most popular full-size luxury SUV in the U.S. Not only has it outsold competitors such as the Infiniti QX80 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS, year-to-date sales are also up more than 8 percent. Unfortunately for Cadillac, the redesigned Lincoln Navigator has been getting a lot of attention lately, forcing Cadillac to offer some serious incentives on the Escalade.

Bloomberg reports that in order to keep customers from considering the Navigator, current Escalade leasees can now get a $10,000 discount on a new one. Escalade owners are also eligible for a $7,500 discount. These incentives are reportedly available nationwide, but the lease deal is only targeted at drivers of 2016 Escalades that will presumably be coming off lease soon.

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2018 Lincoln Navigator Review | 900 miles in mid-century opulence

PORTLAND, Ore. — Driving the 2019 Lincoln Navigator on my usual 80-mile evaluation route just wouldn’t be sufficient. The quick jaunt through downtown Portland and out into wooded mountain roads couldn’t possibly do justice to a vehicle intended for the literal long haul. All those seats; all that cargo space; all that comfort and opulence. What the Navigator needed was a road trip, so I took two of them — within five days, over 900 miles and a grand total of 20 hours and 17 minutes in the 24-way power-adjustable, massaging, ventilated saddle.

The first journey would be from Portland down to Bend, Ore., and then working my way gradually back through central Oregon backroads. This included winding two-lane highways where the Navigator’s excellent adaptive cruise control system maintained its distance (and my sanity) when stuck behind parades of Outbacks, before the 450-horsepower

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Buick Cascada Sales Decrease 32% To 1374 Units In Q2 2018

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IBM, Maersk launch blockchain-based shipping platform with 94 early adopters

After launching a proof of concept earlier this year, IBM and Maersk have unveiled TradeLens, the production version of an electronic ledger for tracking global shipments; the companies say they have 94 participants piloting the system, including more than 20 port and terminal operators.

The jointly developed electronic shipping ledger records details of cargo shipments as they leave their origin, arrive in ports, are shipped overseas and eventually received.

During the transportation process, all of the involved parties in the supply chain can view tracking information such as shipment arrival times and documents such as customs releases, commercial invoices and bills of lading in near real time via the permissioned blockchain ledger.

More than 160 million such shipping events have been captured on the platform, according to IBM and Maersk. “This data is growing at a rate of close to one million events per day,” the companies

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