‘Total set up’: Macquarie Bank rocked by ‘extortionary’ executive’s #MeToo lawsuit

“With Weinstein being just one of hundreds of thousands of ‘bosses’, as … Robert Ansell in this case is, it is easy to see the direct dangers of allowing cases involving sexual harassment … to remain confidential under the guise of arbitrations,” McLaughlin’s lawyer, Jonathan Sack, wrote in one of dozens of court filings collated by Fairfax Media.

Five months later, after McLaughlin had spent $US6000 on failed mediation, the case took another dramatic turn.

While she was on holiday in April, McLaughlin was told that another staff member would conduct her end-of-year appraisals as some of her team had complained about her.

She shot back an email: “This is a set up and you know it. And because I did not simply accept the paltry 1/2 severance policy of $73,000 to go away, I need to suffer the indignation of this blatant retaliation?”

She met the bank’s US head of human resources, Austin Dowling,

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