KBI Family Feud Involving Ed Kozol Intensifies

JOLIET, IL – A legal fight over the multi-million dollar fortune controlled by Kozol Brothers Inc. remains active at the Will County Courthouse, court filings reveal. On Feb. 27, Joliet Patch published an exclusive story about the ongoing controversy at the long-time Will County beer distributor. Three siblings, Stephanie Friedrich, Michelle Littman and Anthony Kozol are suing their brother, Edward Kozol individually and as trustee of Kozol Family Trust.

In late March, the plaintiffs filed a motion at the Will County Courthouse asking the court to deem the defendants as being served with the civil lawsuit summons. The lawsuit was filed on Feb. 2. On Feb. 14, the defendant’s counsel, Jennifer Friedland, emailed the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Brianna Golan, and “advised that she was not authorized to accept service on behalf of the defendants. As a courtesy, however, Ms. Golan forwarded a copy of the complaint to Ms. Friedland,” court

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