Keyless cars have a dangerous downside that has killed dozens of people


  • According to a New York Times report, there have been at least 28 deaths and 45 injuries caused by carbon monoxide emitted from vehicles with keyless ignitions since 2006.
  • Some of the deaths have resulted from drivers exiting their cars without realizing they’re running. 
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a federal regulation for warning systems in keyless vehicles in 2011, but the regulation was opposed by the auto industry and has yet to be implemented.
  • While automakers have installed warning systems into their keyless-ignition vehicles voluntarily, there is no universal standard among the systems.

Keyless cars have a dangerous downside. Sometimes, drivers mistakenly believe their cars are off after parking them, which can result in carbon monoxide filling their garages and homes.

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