Cadillac Gives CUE a Quiet Overhaul

It was a grimace I’ll never forget. It was 2013 and I had just driven our Four Seasons Cadillac ATS, a shining revelation of GM chassis tuning and steering feel, from Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit my family in Philadelphia. My brother was fascinated by the ATS and its true 3 Series-fighting chops. But by the end of my visit, he found the CUE infotainment system so maddeningly fussy and frustrating that he couldn’t wait for the ATS to leave. If not for CUE, he said, he would have seriously considered buying the spritely Caddy.

While it might be too little too late for my brother, who is now the proud owner of a Volkswagen Golf GTI, Cadillac has fully overhauled CUE. Critical updates to the system were rolled out quietly and without any big fanfare in CTS models that began arriving in showrooms in early

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