Working in Clark County: Steve Harmon, owner, Yellow Dot Windshield Repair

Steve Harmon is trying to shake his reputation of being the “Windshield Guy at the Mall.”

After nearly 15 years of fixing an estimated 20,000 windshield cracks in the Vancouver Mall parking lot out of a van under a canopy near the west entrance, Harmon was asked to relocate Yellow Dot Windshield Repair to a different part of the lot; his lease was about to expire, and development plans are in the works. A Vancouver Mall spokesman wouldn’t confirm what is being planned, exactly, but said that they are in discussions to host a new tenant.

Harmon, a Seattle native who lives in the Salmon Creek area with his family, is using the opportunity to rebrand, instead of moving to a different area of the lot. Now in a nearby warehouse, he won’t have to operate at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Windshield repair is one of those services that doesn’t exactly cross

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