No consensus on Beacon Hill for taking guns

BOSTON — State leaders are wrestling with ideas to keep guns out of the hands of people who are deemed dangerous, but their efforts are running into legal and public safety concerns.

A task force looking at ideas such as a “good Samaritan” law — which would give legal protection to friends or family who take firearms from a distressed individual —  wrapped up working last week after failing to reach consensus.

“Unfortunately, the group could not find a compromise solution that sufficiently alleviated members’ concerns over possible civil liberty and constitutional rights violations, or that satisfactorily mitigated the proposal’s inherent public safety risks,” members of the panel wrote in a six-page report.

Massachusetts law allows police chiefs to revoke a person’s gun permit and seek a warrant to confiscate firearms amid concerns that the person poses a threat to themselves or others. The task force found that process is seldom used.

Family and friends are either

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