Peabody councilors visit pot dispensary in Maine

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since its original publication to reflect a correction. The councilors visited two medical marijuana facilities — a dispensary and a cultivation facility. 

PORTLAND, Maine — Three Peabody city councilors traveled to Maine on Thursday to tour two medical marijuana facilities run by Wellness Connection, which is seeking state approval to open a shop in Peabody. 

Councilors Jon Turco, Joel Saslaw and Tom Rossignoll wanted to see how a dispensary in Peabody might be run. The City Council gave the local go-ahead for the facility in November.

The nonprofit company has run a dispensary in Portland for the past six years, discreetly located in a brick building near downtown. The entrance, in the back, requires someone from inside to buzz you in. Once inside, patients slide their license and medical ID card, a certification, through a slit in the bottom of a glass window to an employee who verifies the prescription.

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