Wicked Audio Endo wireless headphones review: Comfortable everyday listening on the cheap

I’ve had the great pleasure of reviewing some top-notch headphones recently, but I’m not comfortable roughhousing with them as I would with a cheaper and smaller pair. That’s why I was glad to give Wicked Audio’s new Endo headphones a go.

At under $50, these are inexpensive enough to purchase on impulse and to relegate to a life on the road as my commuter cans. Wicked’s been making budget gear for a good while now, so I was keen to find out if they can deliver decent audio at a low price point. Here’s what I found in testing the Endo for a couple of weeks.


The Endo is mostly just plastic and synthetic fabric, but it manages to look exceedingly sleek, thanks to a subtle matte black rubberized finish. They’re built to be ridiculously light – which is great for when you want to wear

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