Substitute gym teacher found guilty of abusing 6 girls over one day

A retired Portland Public Schools teacher was found guilty Friday of sexually touching six Oregon City middle school students while he was substituting as their gym teacher over the course of one day in 2015. 

Clackamas County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Jones said he found the girls’ testimony to be compelling, detailed and credible.

They described during the two-week trial how Norman Scott, now 66, touched their breasts, thighs, bottoms and other parts of their bodies while they were in seventh grade at Gardiner Middle School. Most were 12 at the time.

Jones said he couldn’t conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Scott was guilty of abusing two other students because both initially reported that Scott hadn’t assaulted them.

The judge said he thought it was unlikely that the girls had colluded to bring false accusations against Scott. It was the first and only time Scott had been at the school. 

“The possibility of accidental touchings

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