Mother shares harrowing tale of addiction

“I’m addicted and it’s disgusting.”

Lexi Lamoureux wrote those words in her journal before she died, losing a decade-long fight against her addiction to heroin at the age of 28.

“I hadn’t read that until after she was gone,” said her mother, Susan Lamoureux, who read through Lexi’s journals after her death, coming to understand the mental struggles her daughter had endured.

“It was the most heartbreaking thing because she knew what it was doing to her, but she couldn’t stop.” 

Lamoureux shared Lexi’s story in a Facebook post that went viral, inspiring responses from families across the globe, including Greece and Ireland, thanking her and sharing their own struggles with losing a loved one. It has resonated on the North Shore, where Lexi, who grew up in Maine, spent much of her time living, working and studying, in Salem, Danvers, Rockport, Gloucester and Essex.

“Because of that I felt a stronger need to reach more people,” Lamoureux said. In the months since Lexi’s

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