Gloucester District Court: Pole walker jailed for drug trafficking

A three-time Greasy Pole champion who’s been held in Middleton Jail since his June arrest on drug trafficking charges will stay there for nearly seven more months.

Kyle Barry, 29, of Gloucester was sentenced to a year in jail by Judge Ellen Flatley after pleading guilty in Gloucester District Court to charges of possession of possession of a Class C substance with intent to distribute and possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute. Barry will serve the remainder of his year’s term after being credited with 122 days already served.

A charge of trafficking in heroin or other Class A drugs, such as fentanyl, was dropped on a nolle pros order. A charge of possessing a Class B drug was also dismissed at the request of the commonwealth. 

Barry was one of three people arrested with fentanyl and other drugs in their clothing and in their vehicle when police pulled them over

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