Cadillac’s Future Involves More Cars — And a Lot More Crossovers

Turnarounds are Johan de Nysschen’s specialty. He steered Audi of America back from the brink, he was instrumental in reshaping Infiniti, and now he is on a similar mission at Cadillac, which continues to trail the leading luxury nameplates. De Nysschen, named president of the high-end GM subsidiary in 2014, plans “to reinstate exclusivity, reinvent luxury, and add crossovers to make sure that Cadillacs are parked in the right driveways again.”

The means to this end are familiar: Reduce exposure to fleet markets to ensure higher transaction prices and fewer rebates, maintain smaller inventories, and — crucially — build more desirable products. Here, de Nysschen is pushing an evolutionary design change, a massive quality boost, and a second-to-none ownership experience.

To get his message through loud and clear, Cadillac will invest $800 million in its U.S. retail organization by 2020, paving the way for progressive alternative forms of vehicle use. De Nysschen

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