2015 Lexus GX460 — a big and tall SUV that wants to live in the outback, as long as there’s a good hotel out there.


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Let’s say that what you wanted in a car was really a truck, but it had to have car-like attributes and be ultra-comfy and quiet and not really say out loud that it’s a truck…. just whisper it. This is what we call an SUV, but most SUVs have really become cars that are a bit higher than a normal car, but are still cars. They lost their spurs, they abandoned their boots (if they ever had them.)

Enter Lexus, which just happens to be still selling a couple of muscular SUVs that, while loaded up with the full complement of luxury goodies, will still get you down through the gullies and over the hill.

One of them is today’s road tester, the 2015 Lexus GX460. The conundrum is that it almost seems like a car/truck that was built to spend a lot of its life

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