‘We shouldn’t have to wait years:’ Car owners left waiting for replacement of dangerous air bags

KENOSHA — They’re supposed to keep you safe, but could actually put you in harm’s way — so why are some Wisconsin drivers being forced to wait years to have these potentially dangerous air bags replaced?

It’s a question Betty Dennison of Kenosha asked after receiving a recall notice for her 2008 Ford Edge.

“I’m told nothing can be done,” Dennison said.

Betty Dennison drives her 2008 Ford Edge.

Dennison sometimes feels like a taxi driver in her own car.

“Anyone that’s gonna ride in my car now is supposed to sit in the back seat,” Dennison said. “She lives with me, my mom, and everywhere we go, it’s better for her to be in the front seat with me, and not in the back seat with the wheelchair.”

Betty Dennison sits in the living room with

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