How a Young Sugar Land Fitness Fan Became a YouTube Sensation

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Image: Courtesy of Christian Guzman’s Instagram

Christian Guzman’s mom cried for what felt like a month when, after completing his sophomore year in 2013, he decided to leave Texas State University. His dad, though, tried his best to look on the bright side: If things didn’t work out, he reminded his son, he could always re-enroll the next semester and continue to pursue his degree in business management.

“I didn’t have any doubts about dropping out,” Guzman remembers, “but everyone else did.”

Today, Guzman is a 24-year-old YouTube star, gym owner and entrepreneur with his very own energy drink—and an estimated worth of $2 million. He gets recognized not only in Sugar Land, where he lives, but across the country. How did he get here?

It was in high school at Dulles that Guzman got

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