Smack! Crack. Wallet. It’s broken windshield season

Many of us have heard that familiar sound of a rock or cinder hitting the windshield while driving down the road, perhaps producing a crack.

Luckily, there are auto glass repair shops in our area that will help, whether it’s a crack, or something more serious.

Safelite AutoGlass is famous for its jingle, “Safelite repair, Safelite replace,” and that’s just what they do.

The business is spread throughout all 50 states, and will go on site in order to repair and replace cracked and broken glass on vehicles.

Safelite, which has a Bradford location, will repair all glass on vehicles, including sunroofs.

The time it takes to finish a repair and replace depends on the severity of the damage, as well as the car. New cars sometimes require a recalibration after glass is replaced.

Katie Salvator of Safelite said they tend to see more business throughout the winter.


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