Bentley wants its next new car to be fully autonomous

Bentley’s new Bentayga V8 was revealed this week and will start at prices of £136,200

This week in Austria, Bentley launched its new V8 iteration of its luxury Bentayga SUV. The first Bentayga came off the production line back in 2015, and the company has produced more than 10,000 so far.

Considering it takes more than 130 hours to produce each SUV (some 10 times more than an average production car) and each vehicle has 100 electronic control units (ECUs) to command and diagnose various systems, five cameras, 15 ultrasonic sensors, both short- and long-range radar as well as night-vision capability, it is surprising that this new twin-turbocharged, 542bhp V8 petrol model with a 0-60 mph of 4.4 seconds and top speed of 180mph is not able to go beyond level 2 autonomy.