2014 Acura MDX

The 2014 Acura MDX trades visceral driving fun for family-friendly refinement, which should appeal to most shoppers for the seven-seat luxury SUV.

Now in its third generation, the MDX faces a new competitor in the Infiniti JX, which wasn’t around when the previous generation arrived. Other options include the BMW X5, Buick Enclave, Audi Q7 and, if you can do without the third row, the ever-popular Lexus RX.

Like many Acura cars, the MDX comes in one well-equipped base trim, though there are several option packages that essentially serve as trim levels: Technology, Technology with Entertainment and Advance with Entertainment. For 2014, front-wheel drive becomes available with all packages; previously all-wheel drive was standard. At a media preview in Portland, Ore., I drove a number

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UBI creates chance for insurers to partner with automakers

UBI creates chance for insurers to partner with automakers
Lots of new cars now come equipped with connected features or advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS) – and this is changing the way auto insurers handle policies.

Traditionally, auto insurance policies have been based on driver characteristics like demographics, personal information and history. With the emergence of usage-based insurance (UBI), insurers have started to incorporate driving behavior data such as speed, hard braking and other contextual factors.

As drivers become more aware of the benefits of advanced safety and connectivity features in new cars, this creates new opportunities for automakers to partner

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Connected Cars in 2018 – Ready for the Fast Lane?

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