Rats! Flight canceled — not due to weather or mechanical problems — but because of rodent on plane – Eagle

Alaska Airlines is calling in an exterminator after the company said a rat boarded one of its planes at Oakland International Airport in California and forced it to cancel the flight.

The airline said passengers were boarding the Portland, Oregon-bound flight Tuesday when the rat jumped from the jet way onto the plane.

Passengers already on board came off, and the plane was taken out of service. Most of the 110 passengers scheduled to take the flight were rebooked on a later flight to Portland.

Alaska Airlines said it will resume using the plane when a professional exterminator certifies it is rodent-free. The aircraft will also be inspected for any damage.

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America’s Clean Power Plan Is Good For Our Health, Our Economy, & Our Planet

President’s Ferrari, astronaut’s Cadillac likely to draw interest from Auctions America’s ‘Iron-enriched’ bidder pool

Donald Trump was the original owner of this 2007 Ferrari going to auction | Auctions America photo by Dirk de Jager

Donald Trump was the original owner of this 2007 Ferrari going to auction | Auctions America photo by Dirk de Jager

Auctions America stages its 15th annual Fort Lauderdale collector car sale March 31-April 2 — and this is no April Fool’s Joke: Expect there to be much more interest in a couple of cars with significant ownership history than might otherwise be expected at such an auction.

The cars are a 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 coupe and a 2000 Cadillac Deville DHS sedan, neither of which might normally cause all that much excitement at a classic car auction. However, the Caddy was originally owned by the late astronaut and former U.S. Senator John Glenn and the Ferrari’s original owner

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Countdown to Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2017: 1962 Cadillac custom convertible


1962 Cadillac custom convertible | Barrett-Jackson photo

Editor’s note: This is the first in a 10-day sponsored series featuring cars to be sold April 6-8  during Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction.

Known as “Cadalina,” this 1962 Cadillac custom convertible combines the  original body lines and space-age flavor of the original car with modern presence and function.

At its foundation, the chassis is equipped with RideTech air suspension including Shockwave aluminum air shocks and a set of General Motors disc brakes. The powertrain includes a 5.3-liter LS V8 engine from a 2007 GMC Denali linked to a GM 4L60E overdrive automatic transmission.

This sleek Cadillac body was subtly tweaked  with the rear-fender skirts eliminated and the rear quarters modified to fill in the area formerly occupied by the skirts. New chrome-plated brass moldings were custom-fabricated for the lower reveal.

The striking two-tone Mediterranean Sea Blue and Pearl

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Goals met, and then some, by Mecum at its Kissimmee auction

Dana Mecum had at least two goals for his annual Kissimmee collector car auction: To surpass both the 3,000-vehicle mark on the auction docket and to post sales of $100 million.

Depending on your frame of reference, both of those goals were met — and then some.

Mecum paraded 3,023 vehicles across the block during its 10-day event, and a whopping 73 percent of them went home to new owners. And with some post-block transactions still to be consummated, the auction can report $96.6 million in sales.

A year ago, Mecum offered some 2,700 vehicles and posted sales of $86 million.

While that $96.6 million figure appears to fall just shy of the $100 million mark, unlike most auction companies, Mecum does not include buyer’s fees in its sales reports, so in more typical collector car auction terms, the Kissimmee 2018 sales total more likely would be around $105 million, give or take a

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Police report

The Hot Springs Village police department took three people into custody, made routine public assists and welfare checks, and assisted area law enforcement agencies in the past week.

Sept. 6
A man with flames at least six feet high from a grill on the back deck of a Palo Mastil Lane home told an officer he was burning his father’s books. The report said flames were touching the top of the residence and a large glowing ember had burned a hole through the deck floor. The man complied with the officer’s request to extinguish the fire.
A goose died by Calella Road after receiving severe injuries from a vehicle.
A meter reader discovered a Cervia Lane man had allegedly run a water hose to a faucet on a neighboring undeveloped lot to steal water. The report said the meter on

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SEMA Seen: Chip Foose’s P-32 hot rod

Yes, the 2017 SEMA Show ended Friday, but we’re not quite finished with our series of SEMA Seen vehicles. For example, this P-32 “Street Fighter” built more than a decade ago by Chip Foose and his team.

According to the ChipFoose.com website, “Chip always wondered what if a pilot returned from the war (WWII) and missed his plane so much that he built a hot rod to emulate his old aircraft?”

The idea intrigued Foose so much that during a break between seasons of filming Overhaulin’, he turned dream into reality.

chip foose

He started with a 1932 Ford chassis and a new but vintage-looking steel body from Brookville Roadster, an Ohio-based company that has been making replacement panels for the hot-rodding community since 1972.

Foose took 2 inches out of the quarter panels and added that same length to the car’s — or should we say

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Sports in a minute: Swenson’s Ultra finish – Eagle

Swenson: Ultra finish

In case you missed it, Andover’s Will Swenson completed his Ultra-Marathon challenge Oct. 21 by finishing third in the Ghost Train 100-miler in a personal-best time of 16:08. That came on the heels of taking first at the TARC Fall Classic 50K in 4:08 on Sept. 30.

Running in support of the New England Innocence Project, for which he raised $4,839, Swenson ran five races over six months, starting with the Boston Marathon, for a total of 269.2 miles.

In addition to the three races mentioned, he ran the Ultra Race of Champions 100K in Virginia in May and the North Face Endurance 50-Miler in June.

Gaughan takes 5th

Exeter’s Jacqueline Gaughan finished fifth over the weekend at the Foot Locker nationals in San Diego, running a 5K time of 17:44. The week before, Manchester West junior Julia Robitaille, who came on strong this fall and was the New England champion, finished 13th out

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Old Car Heaven museum collection going to Tom Mack auction

More than 100 vehicles from the Old Car Heaven museum in Birmingham, Alabama, will be sold under a federal court-ordered no-reserve auction on December 2. The sale will be conducted at the museum facility by Tom Mack Auctions of Charlotte, North Carolina, Mack announced.

“The automotive contents of a museum called ‘Old Car Heaven’ at 3501 1st Avenue South, near downtown in Birmingham, Alabama 35222 will be sold at No Reserve with no minimum bid starting at 11:00 a.m. CST on Saturday, December 2, 2017,” Mack said in a news release.

Tom Mack auctions gets Old Car Heaven museum collection

1963 Facel-Vega III Facellia is on the n-reserve docket

Old Car Heaven is closing at the end of this year.

Mack added that the docket will include, but is not limited to:

Motorcycles starring in Bonhams’ Vegas auction include British royalty

Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona, and Kissimmee, Florida, are the focal points for the collector car community in January, but not to be overlooked are the vintage motorcycle auctions in Las Vegas by Bonhams and Mecum.

The popularity of vintage bikes is growing, and not just among longtime riders and collectors. The bikes can be gorgeous works of mechanical art with all their bits exposed to view, plus they are smaller in both footprint and price point than collector cars, meaning that for the cost of, say, one classic muscle car, you might be able to buy two or three vintage motorcycles and store them in the same square footage in your garage.

Motorcycles starring in Bonhams Las Vegas auction include British royalty

Some of the bikes on the Mecum Auctions’ docket for its Las Vegas motorcycle sale | Larry Edsall photo

At its recent inaugural Las Vegas collector car

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