Goals met, and then some, by Mecum at its Kissimmee auction

Dana Mecum had at least two goals for his annual Kissimmee collector car auction: To surpass both the 3,000-vehicle mark on the auction docket and to post sales of $100 million.

Depending on your frame of reference, both of those goals were met — and then some.

Mecum paraded 3,023 vehicles across the block during its 10-day event, and a whopping 73 percent of them went home to new owners. And with some post-block transactions still to be consummated, the auction can report $96.6 million in sales.

A year ago, Mecum offered some 2,700 vehicles and posted sales of $86 million.

While that $96.6 million figure appears to fall just shy of the $100 million mark, unlike most auction companies, Mecum does not include buyer’s fees in its sales reports, so in more typical collector car auction terms, the Kissimmee 2018 sales total more likely would be around $105 million, give or take a

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