SEMA Seen: Chip Foose’s P-32 hot rod

Yes, the 2017 SEMA Show ended Friday, but we’re not quite finished with our series of SEMA Seen vehicles. For example, this P-32 “Street Fighter” built more than a decade ago by Chip Foose and his team.

According to the website, “Chip always wondered what if a pilot returned from the war (WWII) and missed his plane so much that he built a hot rod to emulate his old aircraft?”

The idea intrigued Foose so much that during a break between seasons of filming Overhaulin’, he turned dream into reality.

chip foose

He started with a 1932 Ford chassis and a new but vintage-looking steel body from Brookville Roadster, an Ohio-based company that has been making replacement panels for the hot-rodding community since 1972.

Foose took 2 inches out of the quarter panels and added that same length to the car’s — or should we say

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