New GM Korea CEO Refutes Claims Of Withdrawal From South Korea

General Motors has no intention of shuttering its South Korean operations.

That much is according to the unit’s recently-appointed CEO Kaher Kazem, who held a press conference on the sixth day on the job, putting to rest rumors in the Korean news alleging that the automaker was planning to shutter its operations in the country.

GM Kaher KazemGM Kaher Kazem

Kaher Kazem

Rumors of GM’s supposed pull-out from South Korea have intensified, with supposed “insiders” citing poor overseas sales and ongoing financial losses as reasons for the withdrawal. To make matters worse, Kazem’s appointment to the CEO position in August prompted the country’s media to label him as a “restructuring specialist” that engineered the withdrawal of GM’s Chevrolet brand from India by selling its primary factory (the GM Halol plant) to China’s to SAIC and converting the second plant (the GM Talegaon factory) to

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