Beautiful 1969 Jeep Gladiator With Cadillac Engine Sells – eBay Find

If “unique” describes your car buying habits, this eBay find was for you. The vehicle is a restored 1969 Jeep Gladiator 500 with zero miles on it powered by an engine used in an old Cadillac DeVille. Unique probably doesn’t even begin to describe it. Sadly, it just sold.

The Gladiator Survivor is really and truly a survivor. It was a barn find by a industrial research firm who had the notion of turning it into a company mascot vehicle. The company and seller says the vehicle was in amazing condition for its age with no rusts or dents, yet it was not running. They further cleaned it up with new tires, fresh paint and redid all the mechanical “without a budget or any cost consideration.” Wowza.

When doing the mechanical, they decided to pull a Cadillac engine from an old Deville which was installed prior to the death

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