GM Plans To Review Panoramic Sunroof Safety Amid Shatter Concerns

General Motors said it will look into the safety of its panoramic sunroofs following a report published by Consumer Reports last October that detailed how prevalent shattering sunroofs are.

The automaker is one of many CR named in a report that looked at shattering sunroofs across multiple brands. The report shed light on an issue perhaps unfamiliar to most. Research showed 900 incidents spanning 208 models and 35 brands. Most of the shattering panoramic sunroof incidents have occurred in the last six years.

Although GM’s shattering rate is a fraction of others—Kia and Hyundai top the list with 119 reported incidents since 1995—the automaker was the first to respond to CR’s report.

“GM has initiated an internal review of our panoramic sunroofs. We expect to have additional information as we go through that process.”

The 2004-2006 Cadillac SRX became a target for an NHTSA investigation years ago over its sunroof, but the government

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