Boulder County Incentive Program Drives Adoption Of Two “Sexy Electrics” — Solar & Electric Cars (Episode 47 Of …


Published on November 13th, 2017
by John Farrell


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An innovative group purchasing program in Boulder County, Colorado, put hundreds of electric vehicles on local roads and sparked the addition of more than 1 megawatt of rooftop solar in its first two years. Now,

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Production up 68% at Morelos parts plant

A 1-billion-peso investment (over US $53 million) by the Japanese firm Sekisui Chemical in its Jiutepec, Morelos, plant will bump its production capacity by 68%.

The addition of a third production line has increased the workforce by 44% and its production of automobile windshields and high-strength laminated glass.

During an opening ceremony yesterday, assistant general manager Arturo Ríos Abdala described the startup of the new line as “the most important event in the 46 years the firm [has been in the state], placing it at the forefront of its segment in the automotive industry.”

President Pedro Córdova Nájera added that the project was a dream that had been 10 years in the making.

Also present was Morelos Governor Graco Ramírez, who said the state has the best logistics and power generation capacity, which guarantee investors sustainable production conditions, as well as the ability to readily ship their products to different markets.

Over the last two

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College students save history of newest car on historic register

Students from College of Charleston did research on the Anderson | HVA photos

Students from College of Charleston did research on the Anderson | HVA photos

A 1920 Anderson, a model Six convertible roadster, has become the first automobile added to the National Historic Vehicle Register because of its local and regional historic significance, the Historic Vehicle Association announced. The HVA credited students at the College of Charleston in South Carolina for preserving that piece of history.

The car is one of only seven known survivors of South Carolina’s first automobile company, which produced 5,500 vehicles from 1916 to 1922.

Students in the American Automotive History and Documentation course, launched this semester within the College of Charleston’s Historic Preservation and Community Planning department, documented the car’s history using guidelines set by the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Heritage Documentation, the Historic American

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Colorado Division of Insurance recovered $8.5 million for consumers in 12 months

Consumers pocketed $8.5 million rightfully owed them by their insurance companies between July 2016 and June of this year thanks to investigations performed by the Colorado Division of Insurance’s consumer services team.

The division, which regulates the insurance industry in the state, has released its “Annual Report on Complaints Against Insurers.” It details investigations performed by the division during its most recent fiscal year, July 1, 2016, through June 30.

The division’s consumers services team opened 4,007 complaint investigations in that time and closed 3,912, according to the report. Both figures represent increases over the division’s 2015-2016 fiscal year when it closed 3,835 complaints and opened 3,686. Not all complaints are closed the same year they are opened.

The $8,517,970 recovered for consumers is $358,868 more the the previous year, the report says. The money comes in the form of additional claim payments, overturned benefit denials or refunds. The two coverage areas where investigators recovered

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