Winter weather damaging windshields

Several days of icy conditions across the Brazos Valley is taking a toll on our cars.

Freezing temperatures have left icicles hanging off highway bridges in College Station. They may seem like a pretty sight, but they’re causing trouble.

“We’ve had somebody call in say that they had some ice come off of an overpass off of highway 6 and smash up their jeep windshield,” said Camille Rickle with Safelite AutoGlass.

Employees at Safelite AutoGlass repair said this is an unusual scenario for them.

“I’ve heard people say things have fallen on vehicles themselves but not ice, not here,” said Rickle.

They’ve seen a lot of cracked windshields due to the cold.

“If they have little chips in their windshield that they may not know about…with the weather and the cold it could expand and cause cracks to come straight across,” said Rickle.

Oliver Sims with Anco

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