Trump administration releases proposal to allow workers to band together for health insurance

The Department of Labor released a proposed rule to allow workers to band together to receive health insurance.

The rule is in response to President Trump’s executive order intended to allow people to buy lower-cost health insurance that can circumvent some of the mandates created under Obamacare. It has been billed by supporters as allowing insurance to be sold across state lines.

The Department of Labor’s proposal, released Thursday, makes regulatory changes to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, known as ERISA.

The proposed regulation would change the definition of “employer” by allowing individual workers or small groups of people with a “commonality of interest” to join together, such as people who are engaged in the same kinds of trade or business. By doing so, they would be considered one large employer for the purpose of providing coverage.

Regulations currently stipulate that members have to be in the same

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