Smart Everything at Computer Electronics Show

The new smart electronic gadgets on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may help drive you into an increasingly connected future.

In the case of Byton, a futuristic smart car that is one of the hits of the CES – a driver steps into a high-tech sensory experience.

From a tablet embedded in the steering wheel and five hand gestures, the motorist controls the vehicle.

Sensors monitor the driver’s heart rate, blood pressure and other vital statistics.

Other features include tiny cameras instead of side view mirrors, and seats that swivel to give the car a lounge-like feeling.

Aiming for the Tesla market, the first Byton electric SUV is expected to go on sale first in China in 2019, selling for $45,000, before becoming available in the United States and Europe in 2020.

US market for smart devices

For the 170,000 attendees at CES – one-third of

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