North Korea has made a nuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile. How worried should you be?

North Korea is making progress, showing it can put together competent teams of scientists and solve technical problems, but it is far from proving that it is capable of launching a punishing nuclear strike on the U.S., according to U.S. weapons experts.

Making a miniature nuclear weapon that has a large explosive force involves a lot of scientific and engineering know-how.

The “Fat Man” bomb that the U.S. dropped on Nagasaki in World War II weighed as much as two 2017 Cadillac Escalade SUVs. Since then, the weight of U.S. atomic bombs has shrunk considerably, as scientists have refined the physics of the devices and streamlined how they are armed.

With the last generation of nuclear weapons designed in the 1980s, engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory produced the W88, weighing only 800 pounds despite having an explosive force equal to 475,000 tons of TNT — in

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Energy Performance Contracting Results In More $$ For Education


Published on November 12th, 2017
by Carolyn Fortuna


November 12th, 2017 by  

Energy performance in U.S. public schools is becoming more important than accountability measures or accreditation thresholds. That’s because optimum energy performance can help prevent greenhouse gas emissions and improve student learning environments. Moreover, the nation’s 17,450 K-12 school districts spend about $8

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Regulator Blasts Wells Fargo for Deceptive Auto Insurance Program

That internal report said the costs of the unneeded insurance, which covered collision damage, had caused some 274,000 Wells Fargo customers to fall behind on their car loans, and almost 25,000 vehicles were wrongly repossessed. Customers on active military duty were among those hurt by the practice.

In the comptroller’s report, regulators said management at the bank’s auto loan unit, Wells Fargo Dealer Services, had ignored signs of problems in the business such as consumer complaints, focusing instead on sales volume and performance. The report described its management of compliance risk — essentially the ability to abide by regulations and best practices — as “weak.” It noted that Wells Fargo in 2015 had characterized the risks associated with this business as “low.”

Wells Fargo has set aside $80 million to compensate the 570,000 customers it said were harmed by receiving auto insurance they didn’t

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Drink Me: Chasing The Concentrating Solar Unicorn For Sustainable Water Desalination

White supremacist gang conspired to kill Colorado prisons director, new documents allege

New documents obtained by The Denver Post quote Texas law enforcement officials saying what Colorado authorities still will not: The assassination of prisons director Tom Clements was orchestrated by a white supremacist prison gang.

The Texas documents, obtained through an open-records request, reveal a spiderweb of phone calls between gunman Evan Ebel and fellow members of the 211 Crew in the days before and after Clements’ killing on March 19, 2013. Some of those calls came two days later while Ebel was leading Texas lawmen on a 100 mph chase that led to a crash and, ultimately, his death in a shootout.

After investigators retrieved phone numbers from the phones Ebel had been using, authorities in Texas and Colorado made six arrests, half of them never previously reported.

The arrests stemmed from the gang members’ dealings with Ebel, but none was directly linked to Clements’ killing, which remains officially unsolved more than three

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Vintage racing: Goodwood looks back, but also to the future

The Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrates its 25th year with a theme of “Perks of Performance – Motorsports game-changers” on June 29-July 2 in England. Since it first ran in 1993, the event allows enthusiasts to get up close and personal with motorsports legends, favorite cars, and also catch a glimpse of new cars.

This year, the event celebrates race cars, rally cars, and bikes that were so good they forced a rule change, or at least a slight tweak in regulations.

2016 Goodwood Festival Of Speed F1 car | Goodwood photo

Among the featured vehicles will be thousand-horsepower turbocharged Grand Prix cars from the 1980s, Can-Am racers, European racers from the 1930s, and Group B rally cars.

Additionally, the reigning F1 champion, Nico Roseberg, will take the 2014 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport W05 Hybrid up Goodwood’s demanding 1.16-mile hill climb circuit. Also challenging the hill will be the

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Local group will use generous gift to provide homes for families in need

DAVENPORT, Iowa — An organization that helps those struggling with poverty and addiction got a huge lift today.

One Eighty, a group that helps with in-school food pantries, clothing, and supplying furniture to families in the Davenport School District, was gifted $25,000 by the Safelite AutoGlass Foundation.

The money will go towards buying and renovating condemned homes for families in need of shelter.

“Children are constantly moving from apartment to apartment, from school to school. It’s very difficult to get into the flow of things when you are changing schools all the time,” said One Eighty Financial Advisor Barry Donald. “Our goal with these dollars is to accomplish a number of things with affordable housing.”

The group has already purchased a few homes and are in the process of renovating them for families.

You can find more information

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Asahi India Glass to start commercial production at Taloja … – ET Auto

Asahi India Glass to start commercial production at Taloja Float Glass Plant
Mumbai: The country’s integrated glass company Asahi India Glass (AIS) is all set to commence production at its Taloja plant. This move will further strengthen the position of the company.

Along with the company’s fifth auto glass plant in Gujarat, the AIS Taloja plant will further add to the scale and flexibility of AIS in providing seamless supplies to customers in the architectural and auto segments, which includes all leading automotive OEMS.

Very extensive and highly modernised new float glass plant equipped with the latest in glass manufacturing technology, the Taloja Plant will have the capability to produce high-quality value-added glass for both, the architectural and the automotive glass segments, with an installed capacity to manufacture 550 tonnes of glass per day.

Speaking about the plant, Sanjay Labroo, MD CEO, AIS, said:

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Nearly 2,000 attend Oktoberfest in Gardiner –

GARDINER — Bryce Royal hasn’t shaved in more than five years. Throughout the early afternoon, person after person walked up to Royal and asked for a picture, and he was happy to oblige.

Royal was one of more than a dozen entrants in the Annual Gardiner Beard and Mustache Competition during the city’s eighth Swine Stein Oktoberfest.

Bryce Royal, left, and Zachary LeClair talk with other members of the Maine Facial Hair Club on Saturday afternoon during the eighth annual Swine  Stein Oktoberfest in Gardiner.


“This is just a freestyle, and it took me a few hours this morning to get it the way I wanted,” said Royal, 38, of Windham. “It’s just a lot of fun.”

The event featured craft beers from a dozen Maine brewers under a big tent, as well as live music, children’s games, a petting zoo, food

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