GM and Cruise Finally Give a Peek behind the Curtain of Their Automated-Driving Program


General Motors has noodled with the idea of automated vehicles since at least the mid-1950s, when the company produced a film with its Firebird II concept car that showed a family cruising down a highway autonomously. Now, more than six decades later, GM claims to be getting close to making its first highly automated vehicles a commercial reality.

Although it has shown glimpses of three generations of automated Chevrolet Bolt prototypes over the past 18 months, GM has remained remarkably mum about the technical details. On Monday, the automaker and its Cruise Automation subsidiary finally shared more about its current-generation program and allowed a small group of reporters to go for rides near its San Francisco headquarters.

As in Waymo’s automated Chrysler Pacificas, GM has equipped each seat with a tablet that provides a display of what the sensors are seeing, the

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