Locals Note Rock Chipped Windshields Common in RGV – KRGV.com

MCALLEN – If you drive in the Rio Grande Valley, you’re probably familiar with rock chipped windows.

“It’s that rock when you hear that crack and then you’re just praying it doesn’t spread all over,” explained Antonio Serena.

Serena was getting a crack in his less than one-week-old windshield filled at Crackmaster Windshield Repair in McAllen.

“I had a big one and I had to replace the whole windshield and now again,” he said.

Francisco Ordonez owns the repair shop. He said he sees some customers for chip repairs on a weekly basis.

“Most the time, they complain about the roads not being taken care of properly and dirty,” Ordonez said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Texas Department of Transportation.

“It’s happened to me where you’re driving around and there’s no commercial vehicles, and suddenly this pebble comes out of nowhere,” said TxDOT spokesman Octavio Saenz.

Saenz said TxDOT spends more than $2 million a year sweeping

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