Taiwan’s president to travel in real bulletproof limo

Taiwan’s secret service and lawmakers have reached a consensus on how to plug a grave national-security loophole: President Tsai Ing-wen’s limousine.

Tsai’s motorcade was stopped by a bunch of petitioners once this year  as the president was en route to the island’s military command, after the police failed to round up the protesters.

What the petitioners didn’t know was that if they had actually hit the  windows of Tsai’s limo, they could easily have broken them.


It has been revealed that Tsai mainly uses an Audi A8 L, good enough for her to travel in comfort but not secure enough for someone of her status.

Thus even though an enormous security detail has been assigned to guard the president, riding around in a civilian version of the Audi A8 L could put Taiwan’s national security in peril now that Tsai faces greater threats than her

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