The Leica T Revisited: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

It’s been two years since the Leica T was revealed. Touting an undeniably sexy unibody design and a brand new lens mount, the T showed that Leica was serious about staying relevant in a technology-focused climate. While the camera was universally praised in most regards, particularly for the body and interface design, there were certainly some unpleasantries in the way of performance. But that was two years ago, and a lot’s changed. Leica has stayed committed to their aluminum wonder, and it has slowly evolved into a serious little machine worth a second glance.

For nearly 100 years, Leica was a company with a pretty singular, conservative vision. While Leica revolutionized photography by, essentially, inventing the 35mm camera, the word “revolutionary” became relegated to a footnote in their history. After inventing auto focus technology in the 1970s, they sold off the patents to Minolta because the idea of auto focus didn’t really fit their principles. Even the Leica M of today

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