Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series GT vs. 5 Series GT

When we first heard about the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, we were expectedly hesitant about the results. Neither the 3 Series GT or 5 Series GT were particularly pretty cars and the 6 Series Coupe was. So when we learned that BMW would be killing off the seductive coupe and giving its nameplate to a Gran Turismo, we weren’t entirely enthused. However, we did hold out hope that it would look sportier than any other BMW GT that came before it. After all, BMW said it would. Though, looking at both cars side-by-side, they share a very strong familial bond.

Okay, so from the front, the two cars are night and day. The new 6er GT wears a similar face to the new G30-gen BMW 5 Series, which is a good thing. That’s a handsome car so it’s a good one to copy. So this

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