Ohio TV station WCMH warns consumers about failing to do scans …

A Columbus, Ohio, television network has warned consumers about a possible threat to their warranty should they forgo a diagnostic scan of their vehicle.

The piece by “Better Call Jackson” reporter Mike Jackson advises consumers that “if your car’s only a few years old, regardless of its make or model,” it needs a scan after even a “minor mishap” because of the electronic systems inside. (Technically, electronics issues not represented by a dash light date back to at least the 1990s, but as the focus is on factory warranties, we’ll let this one slide.)

“Almost all of us have that in our cars now,” anchor Colleen Marshall notes of vehicle electronics in the WCMH video.

The WCMH segment features Rife’s Autobody manager Mike Troxel, who describes how some insurers will pay for a scan with documentation — while others will acknowledge that the OEM says it’s necessary but “‘we don’t

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