10 convertibles you can buy right now for under $5000

The first day of summer has finally arrived, and what better way to honour the sun’s climax in our hemisphere than with a cruise in a convertible. Thankfully, there’s a veritable rainbow of cheap convertibles for sale — many for $5,000 or less.

We’re not promising endless hours of carefree motoring with any of these topless cars, many of which have high mileage, but if you’re halfway handy with a crescent wrench and multi-bit driver, and you search hard for one that’s never seen winter or has been meticulously cared for by its owner, you’ll quickly find a cheap way to savour our all-too-brief summer.

Here are some of the more enjoyable convertibles you can buy today for less than $5,000:

Early 2000s Ford Mustangs

In 2002: Mustang stands alone in the marketplace as its two closest competitors  the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird  end production.... read more at: http://driving.ca/auto-news/news/10-convertibles-you-can-buy-right-now-for-under-5000