US launches pilot program aimed at alerting drivers about unfixed recalls

With an estimated 30 percent of cars on the road operating with unfixed recalls, the U.S. government has launched a pilot program in the northeast aimed at alerting owners with open recalls.  

Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it awarded a $222,300 grant to the Maryland Department of Transportation in starting the pilot program. 

The NHTSA points to the massive, worldwide Takata recall for a spike in cars with open recalls being on the road. The Takata recall includes more than 19 automakers, 22 brands and has been called the “largest and most complex auto safety recall in U.S. history.”

It says the FAST Act grant was offered to six different states that all said its customers needed to be notified of open recalls at time of registration, but that Maryland was the only state to apply for the grant. 

“The Department

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