Food Bank in urgent need of Thanksgiving turkeys

STOCKTON — By this time last year, people had donated 648 turkeys to the Emergency Food Bank.

On Friday, the organization tallied this year’s total. It was a quick count: 30.

Public donations have been slow to come in this year, said Mike Donaghy, the Emergency Food Bank’s executive director. The organization was up to about 80 by Monday, but it was still in need of hundreds more turkeys.

Each year, more than 2,000 San Joaquin County families receive a turkey and a cardboard box full of food from the Emergency Food Bank in preparation for Thanksgiving. The annual giveaway draws hundreds of people to its 7 W. Scotts Ave. headquarters.

It’s concerning to Donaghy how few turkeys have been donated, because the agency depends on those donations for the giveaway. But Donaghy said the food bank will make sure

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