All but one local lawmaker voted against auto insurance reform

In a vote that surprised few, all of the local State Reps. voted no on the recent automobile insurance reform bill, except for one.

Joe Bellino (R-Monroe) was the only person who represents any part of Downriver to vote yes, he’s also the only Republican who represents any part of Downriver.

Bellino’s district is mostly in Monroe County, with just a small portion of southern Wayne County slipping into his responsibilities.

Among the other Downriver Reps., several were outspoken about why the bill was bad, despite it sounding like a win from it’s supporters.

“We have to be really careful with how we address the cost of insurance,” Rep. Erika Geiss (D-Taylor) said. “The bill only had one sponsor, which isn’t necessarily unusual, but it’s not part of the normal process. There was no co-sponsorship memo that went out asking for help getting it support.”

She said the bill ha a lot of bad provisions

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